What A Spiritual Awakening Feels Like

People often ask me to explain what a spiritual awakening feels like.  Because I’ve been asked this question a lot, I’ve come to discover that most people assume a spiritual awakening is this paranormal experience where one sees God or the spirit world or gains these supernatural abilities.  I wish!  For me, the spiritual awakening experience was quite subtle.  It felt more like a shift in consciousness.

One day, I saw the world as I’d always seen it and the next day, my perception was enhanced and I was able to see things that I hadn’t before such as the motives of others, the facade of others and the collective pain of the world.  It was like seeing with a new set of eyes.

Spiritual Awakening is a Call to Action

The greatest perception that I gained was that of my own emotional condition.  What I was able to deny a day before, I could no longer deny.  I became hyperaware of my inner domain—my desires, my will, my motives, my intentions, my addictions, my attachments, my fears, etc.  As a result of this awareness, I felt an internal call to action to change myself in order to be more loving.

It’s All about Love

For years I studied everything that I could on all things spiritual and emotional including experimenting with a wide variety of spiritual practices and techniques from various religions, new age movements, psychological practices and beyond in order to not only gain a better understanding of what I’d experienced, but to also learn what it was all about.  As I began to apply various practices to my life, I discovered that what bound each of the practices that seemed to work was their rooting in love.

The spiritual journey is all about love. 

A spiritual awakening is the threshold one passes through on the journey to become a conscious and loving being. 

Simply put, a spiritual awakening is an invitation to become loving.   It’s a calling—one that everyone receives an invitation to.

Much Love!





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Phoenix Inspiring

Twelve years ago, my life was heading in a very different direction. I was directing a dance and gymnastics program that I built from the ground up which I was highly passionate about. Had my daughter not been diagnosed with autism, I would likely still be pursuing this career today. Because she was diagnosed with autism, my life has been forever changed. Along my parenting autism journey, I was gifted with what I came to understand as a spiritual awakening. It wasn’t something I went looking for, rather something that happened, and as a result, has endowed me with a wealth of knowledge and insights that I feel inspired to share with others.

10 thoughts on “What A Spiritual Awakening Feels Like”

  1. I find a few synchronicities between your recent posts and some of my own experiences. Thanks for finding me and following my blog. Once you awaken, it is impossible to go back, even if you sometimes wish that you could.

    peace, litebeing

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