A “How to” Guide to Finding Yourself

This morning I was going through my poems in search of something and found this poem.  It’s one I wrote sometime ago, and thought it might be helpful for you in understanding a little about the “how to” of spiritual ascension–of self-discovery.

Mosaic Woman Structure

There’s no way to tell you

What I’m feeling inside

Hard to spread out truth

Where so much error lies


We tend to get angry



When we only have peeks at

The vast, wide perspective


How can I give you

What’s still in slow progress—



Beneath a steeled surface


I’m afraid you can’t see me

Misinterpret my motives

Scared you’re repulsed by

My scarcely lit votives


Sometimes I’m impatient

Empty and maxed

Others I’m fearful


Even taxed


A mixture of emotion

Melting pot of expression

Trying to make it

In the wake of destruction


I don’t expect anything

Not words, mercy, soothing

Not seeking adornment

Or a lengthy, long meeting


I’m not asking for




Just that you feel this

These words I’m attempting


Life can be difficult


And raw

Our wounds can be triggered

Till there’s no love at all


Why I’m now a deep fisher

My line sunk into

The whole of my being

Seeking her, me, she



The girl that was shattered

A child black and blue

Adolescent disaster

Reckless teen on the loose


With time and attention

I will find all the pieces

Reel them in


With care and adhesive


Until the sum total

Of parts melds into

Mosaic Woman Sculpture

The real me that’s true.


Published by

Phoenix Inspiring

Twelve years ago, my life was heading in a very different direction. I was directing a dance and gymnastics program that I built from the ground up which I was highly passionate about. Had my daughter not been diagnosed with autism, I would likely still be pursuing this career today. Because she was diagnosed with autism, my life has been forever changed. Along my parenting autism journey, I was gifted with what I came to understand as a spiritual awakening. It wasn’t something I went looking for, rather something that happened, and as a result, has endowed me with a wealth of knowledge and insights that I feel inspired to share with others.

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    l would like to share a poem by Phoenix Inspring whom l have a similar journey about having a kid with autism. As she says in her manifestation we are the lucky ones to endure the process and praise our abundance of spritual growh.

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