Sense and Responsibility

If you listen very carefully

Let yourself feel you

Sink into the layers

Outer, middle, till—

Inside our own bodies

Love is talking to…

The me never witnessed

Curled and clinging to…

A me who’s sore and severed

Years of living


Different lives entirely

Of me without you

There in your own shadow

A being never seen

Touched with lies expression

Of love lost in between

Running from existing

Inside a caving world

Shoulder heavy burdens

To rise above this truth:

Our sensory senses will not

Hush until they’re felt.


Published by

Phoenix Inspiring

Twelve years ago, my life was heading in a very different direction. I was directing a dance and gymnastics program that I built from the ground up which I was highly passionate about. Had my daughter not been diagnosed with autism, I would likely still be pursuing this career today. Because she was diagnosed with autism, my life has been forever changed. Along my parenting autism journey, I was gifted with what I came to understand as a spiritual awakening. It wasn’t something I went looking for, rather something that happened, and as a result, has endowed me with a wealth of knowledge and insights that I feel inspired to share with others.

3 thoughts on “Sense and Responsibility”

  1. Phoenix, this is phenomenal and I have the understanding from whence these words did come. Powerful Truth of one who knows how to find that one so afraid to be seen in the Light much less to be Loved. Wow! Excellent bar none! I SO enjoyed this poem! My “little girl” heard …… (smile)

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